Vertical Deep Frezer Heated Glasses

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Vertical Deep Frezer Heated Glasses

This is a special glass application for freezers that are working under 0 C for preventing condensation may be occured on the glass surface.

Applied as triple glazing and can be desinged for different voltage values.

The main aim of the glasses used on cabinets is providing the maximum visibility of the inside of cabinets. In freezers, due to the high temperature differences between inside of the cabinet and outside, condensation may be occured easily. Condensation is eleminated with heated glazing application on the surface of the glasses.

The voltage values are varied all over the world. For example; 220 V is used in Europe but 110 V is used in North America. Refriglass can produce wide range heated glasses for different voltage values suitable for all over the world with different kind of special low-e glasses.

How it works;

A special conductive printing is applied on the low-e side of glass.

The electrical current between two conduct points generates resistance and this resistance make the glass surface warmer.

This warmer side eleminates condensation faster and easily so the surface of the glass return previous visible performance after door opening and closing.


Glass Types: Clear and different low-e glasses used in different variations of working conditions of freezer. Exterior and interior glasses are tempered.

Glass Thickness: 3 mm and 4 mm clear and low-e glasses

Total Thickness: We can produce any glazing thickness in accordiance with customer design and demand.

Spacer: Aluminium, plastic or plastic-metal composite spacers may be used in different color and thickness in accordiance to the working temperature of cabinet.

Insulating Gas: Argon gas is used for lower thermal conductivty

U value: Due to the heating process of exterior glass, U value is deactivated but for more better insulating features, Refriglass prefer to use two low-e glasses in triple glazing

Application calculations;

The electrical current, resistance value and other electrical features are calculated for different electrical voltage that use for freezer and different dimensions of glazing.

Vertical Deep Frezer Heated Glasses