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Vertical Deep Frezer Antifog Glasses

During these days, energy efficiency and enviromental awareness are very important for everyone. Antifog coated glasses provide a solution for freezer with energy free and high efficiency solution for freezer producers.

Antifog coated glasses solution is completely eco-friendly.

Antifog coated glasses have same aim as heated glass but only one differences; energy-free.

Refriglass serve the high quality and efficiency antifog coated glasses with high quality antifog caotings brand from all over the world.


Glass Types: Clear and different low-e glasses used in different variations of working conditions of freezer. Exterior and interior glasses are tempered.

Glass Thickness: 3 mm and 4 mm clear and low-e glasses

Total Thickness: We can produce any glazing thickness in accordiance with customer design and demand.

Spacer: Plastic or plastic-metal composite spacers are used.

Isolation gas: Argon gas is used as isolation gas

U value: the main aim is to catch the lowest U value in the antifog coated glazing contrary to heating glasses. U value of the antifog coated glazing are calculated in accordiance the informations(working temperature, humidty, temperature differecens between inside of the freezer and outside) that comes from customer

How it works;

The main feature of the antifog coated glasses is the eleminating the condensation that occured on the glass surface while the door is opening and closing.

There are two main diffrent ways to work of antifog coated glasses

1- Surfactant Coatings: Applied surface has lower surface energy so water dew can not stand on the surface then flow down to the bottom of the glass.

2- Hydrophilic Coatings: Coating absorbs the vapor and water dews inside of the itself then eleminate them.

These two ways have advantages and disadvantages between each other

Vertical Deep Frezer Antifog Glasses