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Vertical Deep Freezers Glasses

Vertical Deep Freezers are working between -18 and -24.

In order to avid condensation we are offering heated double or triple glass.

Outer glass should be pyrolytic low-e coated which should be conductive in order to create electric currnet by the help of resistance on the coating. Electric current on the pyrolytic glass will create heat energy and it will avoid condensation at the outer surface

First used of heated glass was during World war II in order to prevent to prevent aircraft windshields from frosting over in cold weather.

It is still used in aviation sector


Two busbars should be applied on the top and bottom of the pyrolytic low-e. It can be done with printing. They should be parallel to each other and application should be made on the coated surface of the glass. BY the help of special corner clips or soldering, electricty can be contacted on the glass. Insulation at the connnection point should be made very good for healty heated glass.

Electric flow between two bus bars and coating starts to produce heat energy and it radiates front pane.

Coating on the glass is metallic based and it is not visible.

Resistance value of the coating determines temperature on the glasses. In order to decrease electricity consumption, transformer can be used.

Heated glass can be produces as stepped unit or curved glass as well.

Vertical Deep Freezers Glasses