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Triple Glazing Glass

Triple glazing glass is needed to demand better isolation performace against double glazing glass. The combination of three pieces glass panes with any spacer and different types ofisolation chemicals.

As mentioned above, triple glazing is designed to improve the isolation value than double glazing but glass type selection is still important to achive exact needings.


Refriglass supplies different triple glass types with below different kind of glasses to the customers;



  1. Tempered or non tempered glasses

  2. Laminated glasses

  3. Thermal or solar control low-e glasses

  4. Reflected or anti reflected glasses

  5. Acid etched glasses

  6. Tinted glasses

  7. Mirrors

As different shapes and applications of triple glass can supplied to the customers;

  1. Flat double glasses

  2. Curved double glasses

  3. Shaped double glasses

  4. With different kind of spacer types(aluminium, plastic, plastic-metal alloy)

  5. With different kind of isolation chemical types(polysulfade, polyuretan, silicon)

Please get in touch with us in case of demand triple glazing glasses. Our experienced sales team will help you.

Triple Glazing Glass