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Shower Cabinet Glass

The glasses are used for shower cabinets and bathrooms.

These glasses should have high surface quality because when the lights transmit into the these glasses, any defects or ondulation can be shown easily.

For eleminating the ondulation and surface defects, needed to process with high tech and quality glass process machines, especially temper furnaces.

Refriglass serves the high quality glasses mentioned as above.


Glass Type: Tempered clear or tinted glasses.

Glass Thickness: 4 mm, 6 mm , 8 mm or 10 mm

Printing and Specail Shapes: Silk screen printing can be applied on each thickness glass as customer design. Also curved or shaped glasses can be produced for special demands.

Drilling: Normal or countersunk holes are drilled on the glass surface if any hole is demanded by customers.

Special Applications: Clearshiled coatings can be applied in case of selection this special application. This coatings make the water bubbles fall down faster and easily then glas surface can be turn back first visual features with no ….

Shower Cabinet Glass