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Shaped Glasses

Most of glasses are shaped as square or rectengular in the World. However except of these two shapes, significant usage of different shaped glasses is available. Circle, triangle, elliptic are the first shapes that spring to mind.

Shaped glasses need more complicated glass processing than causal glass shapes. For example; square or rectengular glasses are needed to edge in double edger machines more faster and easily but shaped glasses are needed to edge in CNC machines. Also making glazing or another process are in same situation.

As a summary, processing of sahped glass is needed to be experienced on glass industry. Refriglass has already this experience and machine machine park to process the shape glass.

Refriglass serve below processes on shaped glasses;

  1. Flat matt, flat polished, c matt, c polished edgings

  2. Special holes and grinding of inner diameter of hole on glass

  3. Milling

  4. Special notches

  5. Cutting of complicated radius dimensions

Also suppliyng the shaped glasses as the form of below;

  1. Single pane

  2. Double or triple glazing glasses

  3. Laminated glasses

These types are made in fully automatic machines.

Please get in touch with us in case of demand shaped glasses. Our experienced sales team will help you.

Shaped Glasses