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Plastic and Aluminium Doors

Bottle Cooler refrigerators are most common type of commercial refrigerator. Mainly, Beverage companies purchase and distrubute bottle coolers to the sales point as free of charge in order to increase their sales by the help of serving cold products.

Bottle coolers work between -2 0C & +7 0C and bottle coolers doors is made with double or triple insulated glasses depends on humidity and ambient tempereture

Glasss properties such as Coating on the glasses; glass thickness, safety glasses and total thickness etc. are mostly decided by final customer. If our customer wants, we can offer our glass solution as well

Plastic Doors and Aluminum Doors are used for cooling of soda, beer and its derivatives, water, fruit juices etc.

Conditions : B Condition / ΔT 20-25 °C and %50 Humidity

Insulated Glass : Double Refriglass IGU

Glass Thickness : 3mm or 4mm. Due to the weight difference, The use of 3mm glass provides a longer use because it is a lighter system and hinge will carry %25 less weight compared to system with 4mm

Spacer : Aluminum Spacer

Gas : Air

Coating : No

Profile : Aluminum or PVC

Hinge : It can be produced with self closing hing

Profile Color : Please Ask

Plastic and Aluminium Doors