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Pastry Cabinet Glasses

We will divide patisserie refrigerator in tow such as serve over glasses and vertical freezers.

Serve over has got two different glasses Front glass and side glasses.

Front glasses are mainly produced as 6mm curved toughened glass. Most important part of those glasses is that they should be toughened very clear. When you look at the glasses with angle, customer want customers to see inside of the refrigerator very clear. Sometimes, due to the fan angle there can be little condensation on the bottom of the glasses. In order to avoid that, there can be heating bars where the condensation occurs.

Side glasses are made from 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. We believe that 6mm is enough to use as side tempered glass. 6mm tempered glass is needed to design with shaped and you can produce on CNC machine. That's why those glasses can be described as 6mm shaped toughened glass. most of the time 6mm toughened glass (side glass) have got at least two holes and printing on it.

Vertical freezer of Patisserie refrigerator are mostly used to show cakes.

Design and looking of the glass should be perfect. Refrigerator producers demands stepped glasses with nice frame printing like ral7046

Glass combination is including 3 glass with two low-es. Spacers can be aliminum or warmedge.

Pastry Cabinet Glasses