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Low-e Coated Toughened Glass

Low-e is abbreviation of low emissivity term. Low -e glasses are prefered by different industries because energy efficiency is very important nowadays.

A thin film is coated on the one of the surface of glass then glass gain a low-e function. Low-e function can be specialized for thermal or solar energy. This film can coated on line or off line. These two coatings have some differences between each other.

For example; 4 mm clear glass’s emissivity value is 0,84. On the other hand low-e glasses emissivity values between 0,03-0,18. In other words, long wavelenght energy can pass 84% into the clear glass but 3%-18% can pass into low-e glass. This dramatically differences maket he low-e glasses more important on contrary casual glasses.

There are two main low-e glass types applied on glasses;

1- Hard Coated Low-e Coatings/Pyrolitic Low-e Coatings: This low-e coating is also known as on line coating that applied on float line. This coating is bonded on glass surface very well. That’s why it called as hard coating. More strenth than soft coating 15-20 times. The hard coated low-e glass can be used as single pane. It is not effected by exterior effects and surface cleaning easily. The emissivity values change between 0,10-0,16.
2- Soft Coated Low-e Coatings/Magnetronic Low-e Coatings: This low-e coating is also known as off line coating. The glass is produced on float line first then coated in another line with sputtiring which means depozation of metal-oxide, metal-nitride. There are 2 or 3 layers in soft coated low-e coating on contrary hard coating low-e is 1 layer. It can be effected easily because of coating is silver based. The emissivity value is better than hard coating low-e. The emissivity value is 0,03-0,04.

All types of hard coating low-e glasses can tempered but all types of soft coating low-e glasses can not tempered. Some special soft coated low-e glasses can be tempered. A special tempering furnace is needed to temper soft coated low-e glass.

Hard coated low-e glass can be tempered both flat or curved. Soft coated low-e glass can not be tempered curved.

Low-e glasses are not just used for thermal control. Also they are used for solar or thermal-solar control. For example; automative industry prefer to use solar control low-e glasses on the other hand industrial refrigeration and white goods industries prefer to use thermal control low-e glasses.

Refriglass has wide range low-e glass types for suitable different applications in different industries. Please get in touch with us in case of demand low-e glasses. Our experienced sales team will help you.

Low-e Coated Toughened Glass