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Horizontal Island Cabinet Glasses

These glasses are used for horizontal island cabinets.

Side glasses are generally produced as triple glazing. In according to the working temperature of cabinet, different kind of glasses are used for catching the better U value.

Top glasses are used as single pane with low-e glasses. Glass type may be changed in accordiance to working temperature of cabinet.

Features of Side Glasses;

Glass Type: Clear and low-e glasses are used in glazing. Low-e glass types and quantities may be changed in accordiance to working temperature of cabinet. Exterior and interior glasses are tempered.

Glass Thickness: 3 mm and 4 mm glasses are used generally but 6 mm glasses may be used rarely.

Total thickness of glazing: We can produce any glazing thickness in accordiance with customer design and demand.

Insulating gas: Argon gas may be used in case of demand or working temperature of cabinet

Spacer: Aluminium, plastic or plastic-metal composite spacers may be used in different color and thickness in accordiance to the working temperature of cabinet.

Printing: If customer demand printing on the frame of the glazing, silk screen printing can be applied. One of the advantage of us, we can apply printing up to 4000 mm lenght.

U value: The U value range is between 0,6-1,3 W/m2K.

Special Application: for negative temperature island cabinets; resistance cables are applied on the edges of the glazing for avoiding condensation. Please visit "special glass application" page in our website.

Features of Top Glasses;

Glass Type: Tempered low-e glasses Glass

Thickness: 4 mm

Printing: Applied in case of demand

Holes: Holes can be drilled in case of demand

Horizontal Island Cabinet Glasses