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Heated Glazing Glass

Heated can move in while double or triple glazing glasses are not insufficient.

Heated glass is produced with triple glazing glass with special conductive printings to eleminate the condensation faster and easily on the glass surface.

Heated glass is prefered especially industrial refrigerators that working condition is below 0°C. The working principles are explained as follow;

  1. A special conductive printing is applied on the oppositte edges of the low-e glass.

  2. This special printing content silver that makes the electrical current can move whole of the glass surface. This electrical current achive a resistance on the surface that makes the surface heater.

  3. When the hot air attack and keep in the cold area, kept hot air make condesation on the glass surface. If the glass would not heated, condensation on the surface can not eleminated easily and still continue to see as condestain. If heated glass is used, the hot glass surface helps to eleminate the condensation faster and easily. The glass surface is going to turn back the previous clear vision.

Refriglass is expert company to supply heated glass for different industrial refrigerator applications. Choosen of heated glass is not depend only dimension, electrical calculations and selection of correct low-e types need expertation.

Refriglass serve on heated glasses to the customer in all over the World. 

Please get in touch with us in case of demand heated glasses. Our experienced sales team will help you.

Heated Glazing Glass