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Double Glazing Glass

Double glazing, in another name; isolation glass is to improve isolation features of glass on heat, light and UV.

As a general definetion of double glazing: the combination of two pieces single glass pane with any spacer and different types of isolation chemicals.

Every isolation features of double glazing glass is more better than single pane glass.

Double glazing glass is made by non tempered, tempered, laminated, thermal low-e, solar low-e, tinted, reflected, anti reflected, acid etched glasses. This list may be more longer in according to needings. Also used spacer types and isolation chemicals can be selected in a different variations. Flat, shaped or curved glass panes can be used. 

If we need to explain the performace of the double glazing glass against single pane glass;


Glass Combination

Heat Transmission

U Value(K/Wm²)

Light Transmission(%)

UV Transmission(%)

Energy Transmission(%)

4 mm clear glass





4 mm clear+16 mm air spacer+ 4 mm clear





4 mm clear+16 mm air spacer+4 mm low-e






Understanding obviously and easily from above chart, double glazing glass is more better than single pane glass also double glazing glass can be varied between each other when used different type of glasses.

Refriglass supply different double glass types with below different kind of glasses to the customers;

  1. Tempered or non tempered glasses

  2. Laminated glasses

  3. Thermal or solar control low-e glasses

  4. Reflected or anti reflected glasses

  5. Acid etched glasses

  6. Tinted glasses

  7. Mirrors

As different shapes and applications of double glass can supplied to the customers;

  1. Flat double glasses

  2. Curved double glasses

  3. Shaped double glasses

  4. With different kind of spacer types(aluminium, plastic, plastic-metal alloy)

  5. With different kind of isolation chemical types(polysulfade, polyuretan, silicon)

Please get in touch with us in case of demand double glazing glasses. Our experienced sales team will help you.

Double Glazing Glass