Diary (Multideck) Side Glasses

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Diary (Multideck) Side Glasses

These glasses are used for diary multi deck cabinets. Motsly used as double glazing.

Well processed and high quality side glasses effect the visual quality of cabinets directly.


Glass Types: Mostly float glasses are used but in case of demanding mirrors, mirrors can be used. In accordiance with safety procedures, float glasses are used "tempered" and mirrors are used with safety film on the back side of mirror.

Glass Thickness: 3, 4 or 6 mm float glasses are used in the each side of glazing. Mirrors are 4 mm or 5 mm

Total Thickness: We can produce any glazing thickness in accordiance with customer design and demand.

Printing: Silk screen printing can be applied on the one side or both side of the glazing in case of demand or desing of customers

Shape and Design: These glasses are produced rectengular as general but in case of demand from customer, shaped glazing can be produced. For providing more aesthetics visual properties, PVC gaskets or plastic profiles can be applied on the visible edge of the glazing.

Diary (Multideck) Side Glasses