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Chest Freezer Glasses

Chest Freezer Glass Curved or Flat Pyrolytic low-e glases can be used for chest frezeer. Due the air flow, single glass is enough to avoid condenstation although it works at -18 C

Pyrolytic low-e's has got different emissivity value between 0,1-0,17. Mostly, 0,15 emissivity is accepted and it is enough in the refrigerator sector as specification flat or curved toughened pyrolytic low-e

Price of the curved and flat pyrolytic low-e and emissivity value is inversely proportional.

Curved tougehened glass has got different radius according to refrigerator producers. Raidus of curved toughend glass changes between 1000-7500

Curved hard coated (pyrolytic) low-e prices changes, according to dimension, coating type, shape, holes etc.

Each pyrolytic low-e has got their own and uniqe color.

In order to determine low-e side, you can make different type of test. Please check it.

Chest Freezer Glasses