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Bottle Cooler Glasses

Insulating glass on bottler cololer can made from double or triple layers.

Clear float glass are used in the glass combination. Low-e glass are the best runners between coated glasses using in vertical bottle cooler

Glass thicknesses and total package thickness vary according to customer demand, and it directly determines the weight and performance of the glass.

The most commonly used glass thicknesses on the bottle cooler are 3mm, 3.2mm and 4mm. Thinner glasses will reduce weight that hinge will carry and this will minimize number of problems and maintatnance cost

Insulating glass involve 6 different elements

1 - Glass

2- 1. Primary Sealant: Polyisobutylen based filler material used for adhesion of glass and spacer to each other. It is the material that provides the actual insulation for air.

3. Secondary Sealant: Polisulfid, Poliüretan veya silikon bazlı malzemeler olabilir. Camın çıtadan ayrılmasını engelllemek adına cıtanın üstü ile cam arasında kalan boşluğu minimum 3mm kalınlığında doldururlur. Asıl gorevi ünitenin statiğini sağlamaktır. Dolgu malzemeleri hakkında daha fazla bilgi almak için tıklayınız

4. Spacer Aluminum used as a predominantly insulating glass spacer beside the glass spacer is also called as warmedge spacer . Please click to receive more information about warmedge.

5. Gas In the bottle cooler products, Mostly two gases (air and argon) are used between the glasses. Argon increases the isolation capacity. Please click here for more information on other gases used.

6. Silica Gel: It is filled in spacer in order to observe all humidity in the gas between glass

All of the above components influence the performance of the insulating glass, but if we have to sort it out according to importance, list will be as follows.

1- Coating on the glass

2- Spacer thickness

3- Gas Type

4- Spacer type

Stepped unit glasses, curved double glass are used apart from the standard insulation glass in the bottle cooler sector

Bottle Cooler Glasses