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Anti-Fog Doors

Anti-Fog door is a solution used in vertical freezers which we call "deep freezers".

Main purpose of Anti-Fog doors are the same as Heated Doors (Doors with resistance). The high insulation capacity will prevent cooling of the outer glass and therefore moisture in the outer glass.Glass which facing inside of the Freezer will have approximatly same tempereture level as Deep Frezers have. When the Cabinet's door is opened by the customer, the free moisture in the air causes condesation on the inner glasses which has got the temperature to close up to -20 ° C. It is independent from tempereture of ambient. Condensation lasts for 3 minutes on normal doors and 1 minute on heated doors. During this period of time, Inside of the cabinet will not visible from outside. Anti-Fog coating is applied to the inner glass surface to prevent condensation. This Anti-Fog coating will not block the adhesion of the glass to the surface of the glass, but it will preventcondensation to be seen from outside.

When the anti-fog coating door solution is not used, the product in the refrigerator can not be seen clearly up to 3 minutes. It is very important when it is thought that each customer make a purchase decision in 8 seconds.

In addition, the use of Anti-Fog doors is much more advantageous for store owners and supermarket chains. Compared to the resistive door, the investment made in Anti-Fog door is reversed within one year.

Conditions : D Condition/ ΔT 40 °C and %75 Nem

Insulated Glass : Triple Anti-Fog Refriglass IGU

Glass Thickness : 3mm or 4mm.

Spacer : Warmedge

Gas : Argon

Coating : At least two magnetronic low-e

Profile : Warmedge

Hinge : It can be produced with self closing hing

Profile Color : Please ask

Anti-Fog Doors