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Aluminium Heated Doors

Heated doors; Especially the door types used in conditions where the difference between the inside temperature of the refrigerator and the ambient temperature is more than 40 degrees.

Heated Doors require heated insulating glass. Depending on the used frame material (plastic or aluminum), heated cables can be used in frame of the heated doors.

Depending on the temperature difference, the free moisture present in the ambient air can cause moisture to condense on the outward facing surface of the refrigerator. If you think that these cabinets, which usually contain frozen food and ice cream, work at -20 degrees, you can calculate that the temperature of the outside glass of the refrigerator can go under the dew point in the environment where the humidity is 75%. The intended use of heated doors is to prevent the formation of moisture on the outside surface by increasing the tempereture of the glass facing to ambient

Heated glasses used in heated doors can be two or three floors. The heating cable used in the frame helps to remove the condensation which come out due to the opening and closing of the door.

Conditions : D Condition/ ΔT 40 °C and %75 Humidity

Insulated Glass : Triple or double Heated Glass

Glass Thickness : 3mm or 4mm.

Spacer : Aluminum or warmedge

Gas : Air or Argon

Coating : One pyrolytic Low-e coating on outer pane is a must.

Profile : Aluminum or PVC

Hinge : It can be produced with self closing hing

Profile Color : Please ask

Aluminium Heated Doors