About Us

Refriglass serves in the glass industry with its knowledge and experience to serve its customers from every sector with high quality, fast and reliable.

Refriglass, which determines the needs of its customers completely and exactly with its knowledge and experience in the glass industry, is approaching as a solution partner as well as being a glass supplier to its customers.

With a human resource that has served the glass industry for many years and a technological infrastructure that can bring the requirements of today's technology to the end, it is one step ahead in the sector and can provide the fastest and reliable service to its customers at the most optimal cost. Refriglass's main priority is to create customer satisfaction and to increase this satisfaction permanently by increasing the future.

Refriglass is capable of making all glass processing processes with its production facility and also becomes a source of information about the blog articles that it publishes at certain intervals and also the people who are interested in the customers and the glass sector. Refriglass also serves its clients with its headquarter& sales office in Istanbul.

Refriglass, which provides glass to both domestic and foreign customers from different sectors, has a business volume mainly with Europe and North America and serves many companies in different cities in Turkey.

The main sectors we work with are;

  1. Commercial Refrigeration

  2. White Goods

  3. Bathrooms and shower cabinets

  4. Lighting

  5. Furniture